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The Breeding industry is not without its own unique hoof-care challenges. From Laminitis to foal conformation correction, FormaHoof is a proven solution and delivers a ‘one stop shop’ for all the hoof-care needs of the modern breeding farm. 


The FormaHoof product portfolio may be used throughout every aspect of the breeding cycle; from conception where it can increase stallion comfort, helping to make them more productive and virile, to increasing the comfort of mares during the pregnancy cycle, to correcting foal conformation disorders, if this is an issue. 


Our experienced management team can add value along the entire process, by simplifying hoof management and treatment strategies and by offering larger organisations the efficiencies required to reduce overall operating costs. 

Laminitis in broodmares
Using FormaHoof to manage such chronic laminitis cases dramatically improves quality of life for both the horse and everyone in the horse care group!
Horse breeders hoof care guide
Effective hoof care management is crucial for the health of stallions, broodmares and foals. Check out FormaHoof's tips for various hoof related scenarios in the reproduction cycle.

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