Thermal Insights: A 2-Year FormaHoof Journey


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Experience the transformative journey of Tee Beau, a horse unresponsive to traditional navicular syndrome management methods. This expert-led lecture explores his two-year evolution through FormaHoof, backed by detailed thermographic studies and radiographs. Witness first-hand how FormaHoof can change a horse’s life!

Thermal Insights: A 2-Year FormaHoof Journey Overview

Embark on an insightful, two-year journey with Tee Beau, a horse diagnosed with navicular syndrome in 2019, in our comprehensive, expert-led lecture. Tee Beau’s story is compelling as he found no relief from traditional podiatry methods, including standard shoeing packages and barefoot management attempts.

In this hoof health lecture, you will dive deep into Tee Beau’s transformation, starting from the baseline infrared images and radiographs taken before his first FormaHoof application. Witness the immediate comfort Tee Beau experienced after the initial application, and the remarkable changes in his posture and overall body condition through successive FormaHoof applications.

This expert-led lecture provides an in-depth thermographic monitoring of Tee Beau’s mediolateral imbalance from the dorsal hoof wall perspective. It offers rich, invaluable insights whether you’re an equine professional, a horse owner, or a student of equine science. By attending this lecture, you will get an intricate understanding of the profound, life-changing impact FormaHoof can have on a horse’s health and quality of life.

This lecture will prove invaluable for those seeking to enrich their knowledge in equine welfare, offering a real-world testament to the benefits of innovative hoof care with FormaHoof. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness a remarkable journey of recovery and rehabilitation that stretches the limits of traditional equine podiatry.

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