Ultimate Farrier Center - FCA Bubba Miller

Bubba Miller Formahoof Certified Applicator
Huntsville, Located on Interstate 45, Texas, USA
Detailed Information

I began my farrier career in 1992. As a college student, I saw the need for a farrier that was well trained and had the desire to continuously grow in the art of farrier science.


After graduating from Oklahoma Horseshoeing School, I was blessed to apprentice for 3 years with Forest Lewis from Wharton, Texas who was at the time the president of the Texas Farrier Association.


After completing my associates degree in Wharton, I moved to Huntsville, Texas to further my education at Sam Houston State University.


From that time forward, I have studied the art of farrier science. Over the last 5 years I have began to add the art of applying Formahoof to my resume.


This product has not disappointed me. I have seen horses recover from injuries and hoof diseases, that before the application of Formahoof might be questionable of if the horse would return to being a competitive equine athlete.


Vocational Education: BAAS, BS from Sam Houston State University

Farrier Science Degree from Oklahoma Horseshoeing School