Tsunami Wynd Equine Inc., FCA Amanda Mahoney

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A snap-shot of who I am, my qualifications and what I am seeking.

A bit about me, I am absolutely horse obsessed, born that way!

Tsunami Wynd Equine is here to help your horse and you! Providing equine first aid training and hoof care.
We will come out and meet with you and your horse to evaluate hoof health, lower limb movement and biomechanics, and nutrition advice in regard to the health of the hoof.
FormaHoof, Hoof Armor, Casting, Glue On Boot Shells and Direct Glue Composite Shoes as options In some cases of rehab, we will discuss various options for your horse.
Tsunami Wynd Equine Inc. – Amanda Mahoney is a natural barefoot trimmer, natural hoof care provider and an Equi-health leader for Canada, currently taking new clients in Alberta Canada.