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Alabama, 36256, USA
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Hello, my name is Destiny Goble, Equine Podiatrist and CEMFT with a driven interest in Hoof Care Rehabilitation since 2008. I’ve worked in several different areas and have experience in both Eastern wet environments as well as contrasting Western desert environments. I currently and permanently provide care to clients within Alabama.

I have implemented several modalities within my business to help horses heal in more than one way to further my belief of the WHOLE horse. I’m an equine podiatrist driven by barefoot philosophy, certified in equine massage, offer cold laser therapy, kinesiology tapings, and FormaHoof in addition to my glue on shoe options for horses that just need more.

My focus is on the horse, and I want to advocate what’s best for them. It’s not just the body, just the feet, just the diet, it’s the WHOLE horse. Generally when horses get to me, owners have been in a battle for sometime and feel like they’re loosing.

I love being able to apply FormaHoof in these cases where horses can have instant relief after months of discomfort by giving the hoof 3D support to allow internal structures to finally heal while sending horses back into comfortable work.

I’m no miracle worker by any means, but when you approach a case that’s slipping down hill with a collaborative, open minded team approach that attacks the war tactfully from every corner, success happens. Much of this success comes down to owner’s willingness to follow the new plan and stay the course with an open mind. Another part that goes along with tough cases is to have an immense support group of colleagues in your corner with a shared mindset to help horses overcome the obstacles in their path. I’m thankful everyday for the the outstanding group of colleagues that I’ve found myself surrounded by in my career.