CH Hoof Care - FCA Carissa Haley

Detailed Information

FormaHoof Certified Applicator since August 2021

Hi, I’m Carissa and I am so excited to add FormaHoof to my toolbox!
Having an application that supports the natural hoof function so well, and is a more forgiving application than glue options in my wet environment, is very exciting. My own horse I’ve been struggling to support soft tissue development in his hinds, battling NPA and poor static posture. But with the wedge built into FormaHoof he not only walks off a happy camper, but his posture at rest is so much better! He is also battling some health issues and we’ve been fighting with thrush and gaining little traction. I love that FormaHoof creates a sterile environment for the foot, and I’m hoping it will help tip the scales in our favour. I can’t wait to expand my use of this product and bring such a great tool to my community! Thank you so much for creating such a great tool for us to help horses with!