Do You Have A Story To Share

By sharing your FormaHoof Story you could help others put their horses on the road to recovery 

We love to share our customer’s stories and pictures of their horses in FormaHoof. And we’d love to share your story!


Whether you’re a professional or horse owner, we’d love to hear about the hoof challenges you have faced and what the results have been with FormaHoof. From laminitis and navicular disease to thin soles or weak, brittle feet, we want to hear your story so we can share it with others around the world, and help us continue our mission to improve the lives of horses with hoof problems.


By submitting your FormaHoof journey, not only will you be helping to spread the word of the dramatic, positive effects that FormaHoof can have on equine welfare, but you’ll also be helping us to promote your business or if you’re a horse owner, the quality of work done by your farrier, vet or EP!

How To Submit Your FormaHoof Story

Please upload any supporting photos or videos you have of your FormaHoof journey via the contact form below.

Files should contain an explanatory file name and dates (such as “before application Sep-20″/”after application Jan-21”) to assist with the layout of the case.

For each story published, we will send you a code with a 10% discount for your next order as a thank you, as well as helping to make your horse, your business or your FormaHoof Application FormaHoof famous! 

Share Your Story

Terms & Conditions

Any submitted story must be the story of your own horse, of a horse that you have treated or a horse owned by a third party that you have permission to share the details of.


By uploading your story and your photos you give permission to FormaHoof to use this information and associated images on our website, on our social channels, with the media or for advertising purposes. We may contact you for further information if required.


All images must be copyright free, owned by you and by uploading you are granting full permission for their use by FormaHoof.


We reserve the right to edit or amend any copy for correctness and clarity, giving you the opportunity to ok any amendments we may make before publication.

Your rights

You will retain all rights to any photographs you submit. You only grant FormaHoof a royalty-free, nonexclusive right, in perpetuity, to:


Use the photograph on the Internet or in print in support of our mission.
Use your name (or the name you submit), city, state and country of residence in association with your story.

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