FormaHoof Launches new website and online shop to support its rebranding

FormaHoof Launches new website and online shop to support its rebranding

Why We’re Here

We started FormaHoof with the horse in mind to enable equine professionals within treatment and hoof rehabilitation programs to help horses that are suffering with damaged and diseased hooves providing almost immediate relief, and in most cases facilitating a swift return to health.

With a vision for better experience for both the horse and equine professional, we set out to create a new way to manage hoof rehabilitation.

As the world has become more globalised people are also searching for products that are authentic or unique. There is also an increased desire for brands that can fill a specific requirement, so consumers can seek out brands that align with their personal values and also fit within their budget. We have restructured our pricing and relocated our manufacturing centers to make our products more accessible.


2019 and Beyond

After two years of exciting growth and bringing our knowledge and expertise to the equine market through FormaHoof, we needed to update our brand and messaging to better reflect who we are and all we have to offer.

And so, we’re excited to share with you, the new FormaHoof brand.


The New Logo

We have a dynamic brand shape, representing the light we shed on equine healthcare to highlight how we are shaping the future of hoof care. It illustrates our essence and creates distinction. With horses and their wellbeing at the heart of our product offering, this brand and identity places horses at the forefront. Creating a warmer, softer look and feel for FormaHoof.

The New Website

We have launched our brand-new website, consistent with the new and improved brand direction. You’ll see similar updates across FormaHoof materials over the coming weeks, ensuring consistency and quality in all that we do.

Included in our new site will be our new SHOP feature, where you can purchase your FormaHoof tools and consumables for your horse, or your customers horses

The New Message

Shaping the Future of Hoof Care

FormaHoof is going to transform the way vets, farriers and horse owners think about hoof care. It uses the kind of breakthrough technology normally reserved for the aerospace industry to give you a new breed of custom-fitted hoof support and protection. With a touch of confidence, we are outstanding in our field.


What’s Next?

You will continue to receive communication and resources as we roll out the new FormaHoof branding and messaging. In the meantime, check out the new website and keep your eye out for exciting things to come!

Best wishes,


Managing Director

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