FormaHoof Approved by The British Horseracing Authority

FormaHoof Approved by The British Horseracing Authority

Horse racing in the UK is a truly special experience. It is a country with a rich, royal history where the thoroughbred racehorse is king. Formahoof Performance slim-fit shoe which has previously been approved for racing in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, has now been approved for the UK Racing community by the British Horse Racing Authority.


Specifically designed for the racing community, the Formahoof Performance slim-fit shoe has been rigorously field tested to provide the optimum comfort and support that equine athletes need. Easy and painless to apply, it helps to maintain the horse in optimum hoof health in even the most demanding training programs. Making it a better system, by a distance. “We're dealing with equine athletes who are required to run at a very high rate of speed for a long distance, so we want to keep them as light as we can,” said Robert Stevenson of FormaHoof.


FormaHoof Performance slim-fit shoe provides the horse with comfortable and durable support, no matter the demands of their training program. “You don't see many human sprinting athletes wearing big, heavy shoes. They have customized shoes to support their feet, giving them every advantage possible to perform at their best. This is exactly what the Formahoof Performance slim-fit shoe was designed around, allowing that customized approach while delivering maximum performance. Race horses run in aluminum race plates because they're lighter and specifically designed to run in. Our Performance slim-fit shoe allows the equine athlete to have the traction that we need from a light weight molded-on system that is also  capable of having the lightweight aluminum race plate attached to it, while not penetrating the hoof wall” says Robert.


In accordance with the British racing authority;

  • Trainers are to notify BHA staff on arrival on race day if their horse is wearing Formahoof material and shoes.
  • BHA Veterinary Officer would inspect the shoes and advise the race day stewards that they are being worn and are in appropriate condition.
  • Any horse using Formahoof products may have the shoe replaced as with any normal shoe if it is cast on race day, including casting a shoe on the way to the start.
  • If the Formahoof product is damaged or is displaced going to the start, the horse will be withdrawn by the stewards.

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