Celebrate National Farriers Week with FormaHoof


Celebrate ‘National Farriers Week’ with us and say a big THANK YOU to your farrier! To offer our thanks, we are extending the FormaHoof Summer Sale and giving away FREE FCA courses.

Celebrate ‘National Farriers Week’ with us and say a big THANK YOU to your farrier! To offer our thanks, we are extending the FormaHoof Summer Sale and giving away FREE FCA courses…ALL WEEK LONG!

From July 5-11, National Farriers Week is the week to celebrate the fantastic work provided by equine podiatry specialists around the globe.

It’s a great opportunity for horse owners to give thanks to these dedicated specialists and we would love to hear your FormaHoof stories with a big shout out and thank you to your hoof care provider, whether this is your farrier, trimmer, or vet.

At FormaHoof, we are thankful for the open-minded professionals and owners that place their trust in our product and that have taken the leap forward into modern equine foot care. To you all, we want to say a massive THANK YOU for the fantastic work you do and your desire to learn new ways to help tackle hoof lameness and to help keep horses sound and performing to their best.


We are delighted to extend our Summer Sale for National Farriers Week. All Moulds (including moulds in kits) are reduced by 20% and no code is needed!

And there’s more…


Using the promo code HAPPYFARRIER you will receive free access to our FCA course (English & German), allowing you to learn all you need to know to work with FormaHoof products successfully. The course is open to everyone, and we would also like to invite owners who want to learn more about the new FormaHoof technology to take advantage of this offer. Once enrolled, your course materials are accessible for 2,000 days, so there’s plenty of time to learn and explore modern hoof care developments!

Please note, certification includes a theoretical and practical exam for professionals only.

All offers end July 11, 23.59 GMT. Mould discounts are not combinable with other product discounts.

About National Farriers Week

Founded by the American Farriers Journal in 1998, National Farriers Week draws attention to the great value that farriers and their expert trade bring to the equine world.

In announcing the first National Farriers Week in 1998, the purpose stated: “to honor farriers who pay attention to detail, approach their work in a professional manner, seek to improve their skills, are thoughtful toward clients and take great pride in doing what’s in the best interest of the horse.”

What Does A Farrier Do?

Providing highly skilled and essential services to the equine industry, a farrier works to keep horses’ feet sound and healthy, with regular trimming and individual shoeing programs where required. Farriers can also work with a variety of other animals, such as cattle, goats, donkeys, and others.

Why Is Horse Hoof Care Important?

There is no better answer to this question than the statement ‘No Hoof, No Horse!
Hoof care plays one of the most crucial parts in the overall health and well-being of a horse. Various factors can affect your horse’s hooves, from poor nutrition and age to the amount of exercise they undertake or injuries and accidents they have incurred. To help keep your horse fit and maintain overall health, it is vitally important to pay close attention to their hooves.

Thick, dense hooves are ideal. Thin or brittle hooves can be difficult to keep healthy. Among the many disorders that can affect the foot of a horse are laminitis, navicular disease, sole punctures, infections, keratoma, pedal osteitis, hoof cracks, seedy toe, sheered heels, sidebone, thrush, bone cysts, bruises, cankers, and many other hoof related disorders, all of which require good care and individual treatment.

Exercise and nutrition have a huge impact on equine hoof health. Regular exercise keeps the hoof strong and encourages blood flow which, in turn, helps a horse’s body fight disease.

What Is The Difference Between A Farrier And A Trimmer?

This is not as easy to answer as you may think! Put simply, a hoof trimmer or barefoot trimmer (as the name itself suggests) dedicates their work to trimming and alternative methods of hoof care but doesn’t work with a traditionally manufactured and nailed shoe. While a farrier also trims and maintains horses’ hooves, they also work with a variety of traditional and modern materials that offer further protection to the horse’s feet from the stresses imposed by modern management and competition training. Depending on the country, the length of apprenticeship and qualification process can differ significant between trimmer and farrier, as can the liability for work carried out.

While in the majority of countries barefoot trimmers can work with alternative horseshoeing techniques, some countries such as the UK may regulate this service and limit it to state-certified farriers only. These techniques can include glue-on shoes and liquid moulding techniques, such as FormaHoof. Neither trades are veterinarians, but have developed expert skills and knowledge around their trade to include diseased or injured hooves.

Being a farrier or trimmer is not an easy job and is not usually the first career choice for anyone not “infected with the horse virus”! Emergencies at odd hours, being stepped on, bitten, or nibbled are only some of the downsides that can come with the job. BUT as Farrier and FCA Aletia Reilingh told us, “Being a farrier is an extremely rewarding job, and being able to help horses get back on their feet or maintain a horse’s soundness is what we do the job for.” 

Why Have We Decided To Worship All Equine Podiatry Workers This Week?

We believe in skills and diversity and believe everyone deserves recognition in their job. We’ve seen lame horses come sound. We’ve seen happy horses and ecstatic owners. And we know all this is possible thanks to the expert farriers, barefoot trimmers, and vets that have chosen FormaHoof to help them provide superb hoof care for horses across the globe. And to them all, we proudly pay tribute.

Why Can FormaHoof Play A Big Part In Horses’ Hoof Health?

FormaHoof addresses many of the limitations of existing products on the market, such as traditional metal shoes or hoof boots. By allowing any hoof imbalances, structural weaknesses, or conformation challenges to be quickly and effectively corrected, FormaHoof gives the best chance possible for a lame horse to return to full soundness and for sound horses to stay that way. The unique, patented, liquid fit FormaHoof moulding process creates a non-invasive, three-dimensional, protective, and supportive overlay on the horse’s hoof, for enhanced comfort and rehabilitation.

Spread The Joy And Make It Last!

Join the celebration and add your memories and ways you commemorate this special day on social media by using the hashtags #FormaHoof#NationalFarriersWeek! But remember that your farrier or trimmer will appreciate a shout-out on any other day in the year, so do keep thanking them for the tireless work they do to keep your horse’s hooves healthy.

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Our FormaHoof Expert team


Joel Brown

MSc Hon AG
Accredited Professional Farrier (APF-1)
FormaHoof Certified Applicator

Expert in supportive treatment for Navicular Disease & NPA with FormaHoof

Languages: English

As a born and bred horseman, Joel’s approach to farrier science is based on a holistic viewpoint that addresses the anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of the horse to enhance comfort and balance across all equine breeds, types and disciplines. A cowboy at heart, Joel holds a Masters in Equine Science and Business and is an experienced farrier, with more than 42 years in equine podiatry.
Aletia Reilingh FormaHoof

Aletia Reilingh

Staatlich gepr. Hufschmied
State Certified Farrier/Germany
FormaHoof Certified Applicator

Expert in supportive treatment for Laminitis and White Line Disease with FormaHoof

Languages: English, German
A Canadian by birth, a farrier by trade and a rider by heart, Aletia made the move to Europe in 2014. Here she settled her farriery business in the Western part of Germany, an area with one of the highest density of horses in the country. Whilst she provides farrier services in the Northwest of Germany and parts of the Netherlands, Aletia is also a highly successful dressage rider and will soon move on to Grand Prix level.
FormaHoof supportive treatment for Laminittis n Horses, farrier Bart Lambert

Bart Lambert

State Certified Farrier/Belgium
FormaHoof Certified Applicator

Expert in supportive treatment for Laminitis and White Line Disease with FormaHoof

Languages: Flämisch, Dutch, English, French

Bart is an experienced farrier with over a decade specialising in remedial shoeing and sport horse farriery. He provides a wide range of services throughout Belgium and is a multi-lingual super talent! Bart has a passion for PRE horses and dedicates his free time to their breeding and training.
Lisa Elliott MSc.

Lisa Elliott

MSc Equine Science
Qualified in Equine Nutrition

Expert in Equine Nutrition

Languages: English, French
Horse lover and equine enthusiast, Lisa holds a Masters Degree in Equine Science and is a specialist in Equine Nutrition. She has played a key role in the development of our FormaHoof Nutritional Supplements and is available to discuss your horse’s diet in detail and the influence that diet may be having on their health and performance. Lisa can also provide support with a special diet plan tailored to your horse’s unique needs (additional cost for diet plans may apply).