Treating Hoof Cracks & Injuries With FormaHoof

Treating Hoof Cracks & Injuries With FormaHoof

Quarter cracks are a common injury suffered by the equine athlete. Some are caused by blunt trauma ie. polo mallet strikes while others are from imbalances in the hoof capsule while under training work load.

All require stabilization of the effected area, and a dispersal of the load force

Firstly the effected area is resected to allow it to be medicated

A medicated swab is applied to the area to ensure a clean healing environment is maintained

Stabilizing The Hoof Capsule

  • The FormaHoof is applied to the hoof to create stability to the hoof capsule, sharing the weight over the entire hoof structure, while holding the medication in place.
  • This allows the horse to stay in work while still heeling from the injury.

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