FormaHoof 2019 - This is how we help horses with laminitis

FormaHoof 2019 - This is how we help horses with laminitis

Formahoof offers an effective combination of mechanics and medication in treating laminitis. We can provide the nearest-to-nature comfort and support for immediate relief and sets them on the path towards maximum hoof health.

But first things first!


What is Laminitis?

Laminitis is a prevalent, extremely painful condition in horses that has significant welfare implications. It results from the disruption of blood flow to the laminae and has significant welfare implications. It is known as a medical emergency and horses should be treated as soon as possible. Box-rest along with dietary changes -roughage-rich foodstuffs should form part of a revised diet- are important and can help in the recovery process.


What are the causes of laminitis?

  • High intake of soluble carbohydrates
  • Stress
  • Severe infection
  • Obesity
  • Concussion
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Support limb overload


Signs that a horse is laminitic:

  • Its reluctance to move forward. Front feet are most likely to be affected by laminitis.
  • Horse's backward-leaning stance in an attempt to take weight off its front legs.
  • Horses found to be lying down more often -relieving the pain of inflamed feet.
  • 'Bounding pulses' in the horse's feet - hooves that are warmer to the touch - these are particular signs that should be monitored.
  • Sensitivity to pressure when applied to the sole of the foot
  • Obesity - ensuring your horse isn’t putting too much strain on the feet -if you can’t see the ribs but can feel them, your horse’s weight is likely to be at an acceptable level.

How FormaHoof can help 

● By applying FormaHoof, it allows you to instantly rebuild and stabilize the hoof structure, providing immediate relief.

● Allows the hoof to remain in a medicated environment during its healing process.

● Formahoof prevents re-infection by stopping urine, feces and debris from reaching the infected area while keeping the healing environment clean.

● Supporting the hoof capsule through the natural regeneration process.

● Restores the hoof capsule and sole arch, giving instant relief to horses that have severe rotation and P3 penetration.


We offer the most effective hoof protection for your horses suffering from laminitis as it is a non-invasive process (no nails)

Of course, treating laminits is a whole process and a team effort. It requires the farrier, the vet to provide the right medication and the horse owner to manage the daily care and feed management. FormaHoof is only one part of the treatment process.
What we offer
We have a completely personalized kit in order to provide you with the necessary tools to take the big step towards optimum hoof health and join the hoof care revolution!
Here is what you get:
  1. FormaHoof Reusable Mold of your choice x 1 unit
  2. FormaHoof Advanced Polymer (AP) Clear (200ml) x 12 units (enough material for approximately 8 applications)
  3. FormaHoof - Mixing Tips (Pack of 100) x 1 unit
  4. FormaHoof - Applicator Gun x 1 unit
  5. FormaHoof - All-Natural Antibacterial Spray x 1 unit
  6. Free Video call training to help with your first applications
  *Enough material to cover your horse for the next 6 months (2 front feet)
  Help your horse with your very own FormaHoof Starter Kit!
And, of course, you get to choose the size of the mold that will best fit your horses feet.
We provide a detailed size chart exactly for this purpose.
Case Study
We were able to monitor the progress of this particular laminitic case and, as a result, were able to help to decrease rotation and increase sole depth. Resulting in a horse that was a lot more comfortable standing on its feet.
FormaHoof restores the hoof capsule and sole arch, bringing instant comfort to horses suffering with severe rotation or P3 penetration, creating stability and providing support to the compromised limb throughout the healing process.
X-ray 1
The horse has developed acute laminitis that has progressed to rotation of the distal phalanx to almost sole penetration.
X-ray 2
The horse was treated with Laminil injectable and the FormaHoof podiatry system was applied, to stabilize and support the hoof capsule. This medication is placed under the sole packing to prevent infection.
X-ray 3
This X-ray shows the healing and growth at 3 months. An aluminum shoe was applied to help with wear during the rehab process and initial training.
X-Ray 4
At 7 months the horse and hoof has recovered enough to go back into full training and competition.
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