How Formahoof is shaping the future of hoof care

Formahoof is a new breed of custom-fitted hoof support and protection that is transforming the way vets, farriers, horse owners and equine professionals think about hoof treatment.

Laminitis affects one in ten horses and ponies each year and is one of the biggest challenges in hoof care. At Formahoof we have dedicated years of research to tackle what is the second biggest killer of horses in the world.

Our patent pending moulds and systems are designed to make treating laminitis and managing painful laminitic hooves easier for vets and less stressful for horses, giving immediate relief while supporting the hoof capsule through the natural regeneration process. Formahoof restores the hoof capsule and sole arch, bringing instant comfort to horses suffering with severe rotation or P3 penetration, creating stability and providing support to the compromised limb through the healing process.

Formahoof has moved away from the traditional approach to podiatry and has embraced a more inclusive mindset with innovation at its core.

Comprehensive research with leading experts in the equine community and engaging with renowned veterinary professionals, as well as many years of extensive trialing and testing, have resulted in the revolutionary Formahoof products that you see today, which provide proven, durable hoof protection under a wide range of climates and environments.

We are starting a hoof care revolution that will transform the way we look after our horses and we want you to be a part of it.

Robert Stevenson, Co-Founder

Robert Stevenson, Co-Founder

Our co-founder Robert Stevenson is an equine industry veteran with a passion for the well-being of horses, and has conducted pioneering work in equine podiatry alongside the technological collaboration of the Accordia Investment Group.

Robert and his family have been successfully breeding racing and competing with horses for five generations in Australia and internationally.

The Journey

He began his podiatry journey in Queensland, where he spent his formative years acquiring and developing knowledge about working with and caring for horses, and further sharpened his skills at Oaky Vet hospital alongside Master Farrier Keith Swan.

Robert’s experience in racing includes 12 years at Dubai Racing Club/Darley Dubai and 11 years as Officail Farrier at the Dubai World Cup.

He also spent 11 years as Head Equine Podiatrist at the Dubai Equine Hospital and his professional qualifications include Grad Kentucky Horese Shoing School QMFA Cert. 3 Farriery 2004 and clients Including Washpool Lodge and Peter Moody Racing Qld.

When Robert met with the directors of the Accordia Investment Group something innovative and special was bound to happen...

Meet the hoofcare transformation team

Meet the hoofcare transformation team

The Accordia Investment Group was created by like minded entrepreneurs to invest in disruptive technologies or products by combining decades of experience in advanced product design, innovation and manufacturing excellence to solve real problems.

Their vast experience in the aerospace and defence, automotive and life sciences industries paved the way for an ultra-modern, innovative, yet outstandingly successful and simple approach to hoof treatment.

With advanced in-house product development facilities, D2M utilized the latest technologies including 3D scanning, 3D printing and rapid manufacturing to create ground breaking and innovative products.

Formahoof is the brainchild of this collaboration. Their game-changing way of working has succeeded in breaking the mould on every level and is transforming the lives of horses everywhere.

Our Vision

We believe in creating the most advanced equine podiatry solutions to completely revolutionise hoof care industry. We are constantly focusing on innovating new products to provide comfort and support to the global equine community.

Our Mission

FormaHoof is bringing the latest technologies to the equine industry, which are normally associated with aerospace and defence industries. We aim to develop and supply the tools equine professionals require to ensure they can provide comfort and care during the rehabilitation or competitive needs of their equine partners.